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Community-Based Interventions for Enhancing Access to or Consumption of Fruit and Vegetables Among Five to 18-Year Olds: A Scoping Review 2012
Effectiveness of Community-Based/Primary Care Interventions in Reducing Obesity Among Adults in the General Population 2008
Effectiveness of Workplace Interventions to Reduce Substance Misuse 2008
Effectiveness of Interventions to Increase Physical Activity Among Marginalized Populations 2007
Is there a relationship between food insecurity and obesity? 2007
The Effectiveness of Multi-faceted Health Promotion Interventions in the Workplace to Reduce Chronic Disease 2007
Effectiveness Of Interventions To Prevent Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy 2005
Effectiveness Of School-Based Interventions In Reducing Adolescent Risk Behaviours: A Systematic Review Of Reviews 2005
Effectiveness of Methoprene for Controlling Mosquito Populations in Ontario That Can Carry West Nile Virus 2004
Healthy Weight Review (HWR): Effectiveness of Physical Activity Enhancement and Obesity Prevention Programs in Children and Youth 2004
Interventions to Prevent the Recurrence of Elder Abuse 2003
Community-Based Interventions to Improve Child Mental Health: Review of Reviews 2002
Effectiveness Of School-Based Strategies For The Primary Prevention Of Obesity And For Promoting Physical Activity And/Or Nutrition, The Major Modifiable Risk Factors For Type 2 Diabetes: A Review Of Reviews 2002
Effectiveness of Food Safety Interventions 2001
Effectiveness of Public Health Interventions to Reduce or Prevent Spousal Abuse toward Women 2001
Effectiveness of School Based Strategies for Primary Prevention of Eating Disorders 2001
Interventions to Improve Low Birth Weight 2001
Promoting Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents 2001
Community-Based Strategies to Promote Cervical Cancer Screening 2000
Effectiveness Of Strategies To Increase Cervical Cancer Screening in Clinic-Based Settings: 2000
Electronic Social Support Groups to Improve Health 2000
Postpartum Smoking Relapse Prevention 2000
Coalitions in Heart Health Promotion, Tobacco Use Reduction, and Injury Prevention 1999
Community-Based Heart Projects 1999
Effectiveness of Day Care Center Infection Control Interventions 1999
Effectiveness of Environmental Awareness Interventions 1999
Effectiveness of Parenting Groups With Professional Involvement In Improving Parent and Child Outcomes 1999
Effectiveness of Peer/Paraprofessional 1:1 Parenting Interventions 1999
Enhancing Fruit and Vegetable Consumption in People Four Years of Age and Older 1999
Needle Exchange Programs 1999
Preventing Sexually Transmitted Diseases in Adolescents 1999
Primary Prevention of Adolescent Pregnancy 1999
Public Health in Organized Response to Non-Natural Environmental Disaster 1999
Public Health Nursing Home Visiting 1999
School-Based Curriculum Suicide Prevention Programs for Adolescents 1999
School-Based Interventions in Reducing Adolescent Risk Behavior 1999